Stock price 1-30 Laddered Treasury Powershares (PLW) today

1-30 Laddered Treasury Powershares

1-30 Laddered Treasury Powershares



High: 39.73

Low: 39.73

Name Current price Last Change
Protalix Biotherapeutics 2.36000000 0%
Dipexium Pharmaceuticals Llc 2.40000000 0%
Plexus Corp 51.14000000 0%
Philip Morris International Inc 69.15000000 0%
Pacific Mercantile Bancorp 4.50000000 0%

1/100 of a percent. It is widely used while describing the rate of interest for bond certificates of loans. For instance, a change of 10 basis points means that the interest rate gains or looses 0.1%.

1. Funds invested in equipment and materials for production development.

2. Funds invested in tangible, intangible and financial assets for profit, including real estate investments, existing business purchases, copyrights and patents purchases, or transactions with financial instruments.

In Forex, it denotes an order given by a client to a broker to perform a trade operation – either open or close a transaction. Currently, all orders go through trading platforms.  
An order may be either a market one, for conducting the transaction at the current price, or a deferred one, for conducting the transaction when the price reaches a certain level. 

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