You can make a profit on FOREX and CFD markets, not only by trading on your own, but investing in Managed Accounts (PAMM) and using our Automated trading services.  Please, note that you control all your money and you are able to choose appropriate forms and terms of investment.

Managed Account (PAMM)

Managed Account (PAMM) – is a unique opportunity to take advantage of the trading experience of a Manager, who gains a chance to increase his trading volume at the expense of investors. The specified fee is allocated to the Manager only if he or she gains profit, which in turn, is divided between Investors according to their share in a PAMM.


Automated trading service

Automated trading service allows copying orders of successful traders. Investors don’t need to keep their eyes on terminal or transfer funds. All operations are automated and conducted on investor’s trading account. An expressly designed system of rating helps you choose an appropriate trading signal.