PAMM Agent

“PAMM-Agent” program is a partner project specifically developed to allow agents earn on promoting PAMM account service.

Any client may become a PAMM agent by filling in a simple sign-up form in one’s Client Area.

Agents are to receive periodical payouts per each client introduced taken from the manager’s income. The exact percentage is determined by each PAMM account’s offer.

How it works

An example of PAMM agent’s remuneration calculation with the following PAMM offer parameters:

Manager’s remuneration – 30%
PAMM agent’s remuneration – 15%
At the end of the investment period, an investor’s income amounted to $1 000

    • $1 000 Investor’s income 100%
    • $300 Manager’s remuneration 30% from $1 000
      $700 Investor’s income 70% from $1 000
    • $255 Manager’s income 85% from $300
      $45 PAMM agent’s remuneration 15% from $300

How to become a member of the program


If you are not our client yet, you may become one by clicking the ‘Become a PAMM-Agent’ button below.

If you are already signed up, follow the below steps in your Client Area:

  1. Complete your profile to make your account 100% verified;
  2. Fill in a brief sign-up form in ‘MY PAMM’-> ‘For PAMM agent’ indicating your nickname and agreeing to Procedure for provision of the "Managed account" service.

An Investor type of account for remuneration payouts shall be created automatically.


The amount of agent’s remuneration is determined by a PAMM offer and calculated from a manager’s income.

Since PAMM agent’s remuneration depends on a manager’s income, it might be more profitable to introduce clients to PAMM accounts with best performance statistics

PAMM agent’s remuneration is credited at the end of each investment period if there are profits registered in the account.

Introduced investors are to be assigned to a PAMM-agent throughout the whole partnership time span.

Learn more about all PAMM offer’s parameters including ‘PAMM-Agent remuneration’, ‘Manager Remuneration’ ,‘Investment period’ and view detailed PAMM accounts’ statistics by clicking a PAMM account’s name in the PAMM rating on the website or in your Client Area.

Часто задаваемые вопросы (FAQ) для ПАММ-агента

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