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PAMM Agent

The "PAMM-agent" program is a partnership project designed to develop the "Managed account" service.

The essence of the program is that the agent participates in recruitment of investors to the Managed accounts of FIBO Group and takes for each recruited investor, a regular remuneration from the Manager of the Managed account into which an investment is made.

The extent of the PAMM-agent's remuneration shall be specified by virtue of the Offer and shall be calculated as the share of the Manager's remuneration.


Sample calculation of the Managed account profit distribution

  • Let us suppose that the Managed account has been established with the Offer of
    300/30/10/4/15, where:

    • $300
      Minimum deposit (for Investors)
    • 10 %
      Penalty for the withdrawal of funds before the end of an investment period.
    • 15 %
      The PAMM-Agent's Remuneration
    • 30 %
      Share of Investor's profit that represents a Manager’s commission for the successful trade.
    • 4 weeks
      Investment period

    Then all of the Managed account profit will be distributed in accordance with the following diagram:

    • Manager’s Profit
      Investor’s Revenue
    • Investor’s Profit70%
      Manager's Remuneration30%
    • Manager's Remuneration less PAMM-Agent's Remuneration85%
      PAMM-Agent's Remuneration15%
  • Account funds
    Manager's funds
    Investor’s Capital
    Their shares
    $10 000
    $6 000
    $4 000
    60% + 40%

    In case Investment period ends with $2 000 profit it will be distributed as follows:

    • $1 200($2 000x0,6)Manager’s Profit (positive financial result of the Manager’s Equity management)
      $800($2 000x0,4)Investor’s Revenue in accordance with the participatory share in the Managed account
      $560($800-$240)Investor’s Profit. This amount may be reinvested into the Managed account or withdrawn to the Investor's trading account
      $240($800x0,3)Manager's Remuneration for the Investor's Capital management
    • Manager's Remuneration. Is automatically withdrawn to the PAMM-Agent’s investment account at the end of the investment period$204($240-$36)
      PAMM-Agent's Remuneration. This amount is automatically withdrawn to the PAMM-Agent’s investment account at the end of the Investment period$36($240x0,15)

How to join the "PAMM-Agent" program

Any Client of the Company may join the "PAMM-Agent" program, i.e. any legal or natural person who has signed the relevant Client Agreement with the Company and opened a trading account.

To join the "PAMM-Agent" program a Client shall:

  1. Get acquainted and accept the terms of the "Managed account" service
  2. Register in the Client Cabinet.

To register as a PAMM-Agent a Client should only have an Investor account in US dollars.

The account opens automatically the Client registers as a PAMM-Agent.

To participate in the "PAMM-Agent" program the Manager shall:

Specify the amount of the PAMM-Agent’s Remuneration while opening the Managed account.

If you are a Manager of Managed account in FIBO Group you need to send an application to add "PAMM-agent Bonus" parameter to your offer via Client’s profile by specifying the number of your Managed account and size of the Bonus.


The PAMM-Agent's remuneration shall be specified by the Offer and calculated as the share of the PAMM-Manager's Remuneration. Therefore, the condition for calculation and transfer of the PAMM-Agent’s Remuneration is the fact of calculation and transfer of the Manager's Remuneration i.e. the fact of profit availability on the Managed account either at the moment of the Investment period expiration, or at the moment of unscheduled withdrawal of the Investor's Capital, or at the moment of the Managed account liquidation.

Thus, the PAMM-Agent is interested in offering his prospective investors the best Managed accounts showing good statistics and managed by the professional managers, and in its turn promoting the Managed account service offered by FIBO Group.

The remuneration shall be paid in favour of the PAMM-Agent during the whole period while the Client engaged by him is the Investor of the Managed account.


The following information can help you learn more about the PAMM-Agent partnership program and to decide upon whether to join the program:

The Managed account Statistics service. It may be activated by clicking the Managed account name. It provides the option to obtain all the required information as regards to the effectiveness and riskiness of the trading activities performed by the PAMM-Manager. In addition, the Section shows the Manager's Offer including the parameter which determines the PAMM-Agent's remuneration amount.

An opportunity to ask a question or send a wish to the PAMM-Manager. It may be successfully done:

From the Client Cabinet by clicking the Managed account and using the link reference "Write a message to the Manager"

If you do can't find an appropriate answer using the methods specified above then please contact the Customer Services Department.

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