20% on your first deposit

16 August — 31 December 2023

The clients of FIBO Group can participate in the promotion and get a 20% bonus when making a deposit to their MT4 Fixed, MT4 NDD or MT4 NDD No Commission accounts.

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20% on your first deposit

16 August — 31 December 2023
20% on your first deposit
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The clients of FIBO Group can participate in the promotion and get a 20% bonus when making a deposit to their MT4 Fixed, MT4 NDD or MT4 NDD No Commission accounts.

  1. General information

    1. The promotion name is ‘20% on your first deposit’.
    2. The duration of the promotion till the 31st of December 23.
    3. The participants of the promotion: new clients who confirm their trading activity with other brokers on live trading accounts.
    4. A participant can open a Bonus account which is credited with a 20% bonus from the deposit amount.
  2. Conditions for participation in the promotion

    1. The bonus is available for those clients of FIBO Group who never credited their FIBO Group trading accounts (including Invest accounts) before the current promotion.
    2. To get the Bonus:
      1. Submit the trading activity details (a statement) and/or the investor password for a live account opened with another broker to the email address [email protected] or via the ‘Ask a question’ section of the Client Area.
      2. Obtain a promo code after the successful revision of the trading activity with another broker.
      3. Open an MT4 Fixed, MT4 NDD or MT4 NDD No Commission account in the Client Area within the promotion’s availability dates. When opening the account, select the ‘Bonus program’ option and the ‘20% on your first deposit’ promo type, enter the promo-code into the designated field.
      4. Activate the trading account (deposit of at least $50 or an equivalent in any other currency).
      5. Activate the bonus by clicking the ‘Activate bonus’ button on the account details page.
    3. If the above steps are performed correctly, you shall receive a notification reading, ‘Bonus activated successfully!’
  3. Bonus deposit and calculation

    1. The bonus amounts to 20% of the deposit volume, but $5 000 maximum.
    2. The bonus is credited right after being activated.
    3. The funds deposited after the bonus activation are not eligible for additional bonus crediting.
    4. E.g.: A client registers a trading account and makes consequent deposits of $3000, $700 and $300 and then activates the bonus. In that case, the bonus shall amount to $800 ($4000*0.20) and the aggregated balance becomes $4800. If a client makes another deposit once the bonus is activated, the amount of the bonus funds will not increase, the deposited amount would only reflect on the account’s balance.
  4. The use of the bonus

    1. The amount of the bonus funds reflects on the account’s equity (current balance with the floating profit/loss).
    2. Bonus funds participate both in trading and the drawdown.
    3. The provided bonus cannot be withdrawn from the account.
    4. When performing a total or partial withdrawal of the funds the bonus was credited for, the bonus itself is reduced proportionate to the amount of the funds withdrawn. When withdrawing the funds deposited after the bonus activation and/or the profits, the bonus is not getting reduced.

      E.g.: A client deposited $4000 and then activated the bonus. The aggregated balance amounts to: $4000 + $4000 x 0.2 = $4800.

      a) A client decides to withdraw $1000, the provided bonus is reduced by $200 proportionally ($1000 x 0.2), and the balance of the account becomes $3600.

      b) After the bonus activation a client additionally deposits $500 and as the result of their trading activity gets $500 in profit: the aggregated volume of the funds on the account becomes $5800. A client decides to withdraw $1000. The withdrawal of funds above the initial deposit does not affect the bonus funds amount. The balance becomes: $5800 - $500 - $500 = $4800

      c) A client gets a profit of $500, as the result the account’s balance becomes $5300; a client decides to withdraw $1000. Apart from the overall profit, a part of the initial deposit is also withdrawn in that case: $1000 - $500 = $500, thus the bonus amount is also reduced proportionally: $500 x 0.2 = $100. As the result, the account balance becomes: $5300 - $1000 - $100 = $4200, where the $3500 is the initial deposit and $700 is a bonus credited over it.

  5. Bonus limitations

    1. The promotion ‘20% on your first deposit’ is a one-time offer.
    2. The bonus is credited only on a direct deposit using any of the options available in the ‘Deposit funds’ section of the Client Area. An internal transfer from another trading account does not count as a direct deposit, thus the bonus is not credited.
    3. The bonus provided under the terms of the ‘20% on your first deposit’ promotion does not sum up with other promotions offered by the Company.
    4. The funds deposited via an internal transfer do not participate in the bonus calculation.
    5. Trading on the bonus account before activating the bonus is not allowed; otherwise the account may be excluded from the bonus program.
    6. The Company reserves the right to decline the bonus funds crediting or annul an already credited bonus at any time if there are grounds to believe the Client deposited their (bonus) trading account using the funds that have been previously withdrawn from another account opened in the Company (via any payment agent or a payment processing system) including but not limited to wire transfer, payment processing service etc. The company does not bear any responsibility for the consequences of the bonus being annulled, e.g. Margin Call and Stoup Out.
    7. The Client has the right to object the bonus cancellation or the decision not credit it within 5 days after the event by sending a reclamation to the email address: [email protected]
  6. Changes in the promotion conditions

    1. The Company reserves the right to introduce changes into the promotion’s conditions, including cancelling the promotion without prior notice. The promotion’s cancellation does not affect those who are already participating in it.
    2. The details on the introduced changes are available on the FIBO Group website, in the ‘Trading — Promotions’ section.
    3. Inquiries regarding the conditions of the promotion can be directed to the Company via a phone call, online chat, in the ‘Ask a question’ section or by email: [email protected]

Welcome Bonus 30USD

15 June — 31 December 2023

It's time to get on board with FIBO Group and start making money right away! Sign up before the 31st of December, 2023 obtain your bonus and trade!

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Welcome Bonus 30USD

15 June — 31 December 2023
Welcome Bonus 30USD
Open bonus account

It's time to get on board with FIBO Group and start making money right away! Sign up before the 31st of December, 2023 obtain your bonus and trade!

Welcome Bonus 30 USD — The program conditions


  1. General conditions

    1. The 30 USD Welcome Bonus (subsequently referred to as the Welcome Bonus) is a unique starting fund provided to FIBOGROUP's clients who have successfully met the program's criteria.

    2. The Welcome Bonus totals 30 USD. The Welcome Bonus can also be allocated to an account using different currency as its primary. In such instances, the Welcome Bonus will be converted into account primary currency, employing the Company's internal conversion rate.

    3. Welcome Bonus is available only on the following account types of MetaTrader 4 platform: MT4 NDD, MT4 Fixed.

    4. The bonus is not available for those clients who had previously participated in the bonus programs or made a deposit.

    5. To qualify for the Welcome Bonus, you must meet the following requirements:

      1. Confirm the authenticity of your email address.

      2. Confirm the authenticity of your mobile phone number.

      3. Complete the personal information verification process, which entails two essential steps - confirming your passport details and verifying your address.

    6. Each client is eligible to receive the Welcome Bonus a single time.

  2. Acquiring the Welcome Bonus

    1. To obtain the Welcome Bonus, you need to enter the specific code in your Client Area. This code is either sent to your registered email address or provided by a sales manager. You can inquire with the sales manager about your eligibility for the Welcome Bonus.

    2. To activate Welcome Bonus code, you have to:

      1. Initiate one of the trading accounts as per the conditions stated in point 1.3. During the account setup, make sure to select the "Bonus Programs".

      2. Choose the specific option for "Welcome Bonus 30 USD".

      3. Choose special condition “Welcome Bonus 30 USD”

      4. Lastly, input the Promo Code that has been given to you.

    3. The Welcome Bonus is immediately transferred to the client's account upon entering the Promo Code. However, in order to activate the bonus, you need to deposit at least 10 USD into this trading account using any of the payment methods available in your country.

  3. Work with Welcome Bonus

    1. Both the Client’s own funds and extra funds can be used in trading without any limitations and restrictions. In such a case, extra funds can be used during the "drawdown" – in other words, they will not be written off from the account if the equity on the account is less than extra funds until Stop Out takes place.

    2. During the "drawdown", the client’s own funds will be written off firstly, including the cases when deposits were made after Welcome Bonus had been received.

    3. The client has the liberty to withdraw profits from the account without any restrictions if they have completed 16 trades in any direction with a standard lot size equating to 100,000 units of the base currency, or an amount equivalent to the volume based on 2.5 USD of the bonus money for one standard lot size. CFD Cryptocurrency trades are not included in the calculation of the volume required to withdraw profit or bonus.

  4. Cancellation and writing off

    1. Once Stop Out takes place, extra funds are written off from the client’s account.

    2. The client has the right to reject the received Welcome Bonus at any moment.

    3. Please be aware that FIBOGROUP maintains the authority to, at any moment and without any stated reason, decline to award the Welcome Bonus or remove the previously granted Welcome Bonus of 30 USD from the account. They can also annul (cancel) all transactions carried out with the additional funds. The client is deemed to have accepted (agreed with and accepted) this condition from the moment the "Welcome Bonus 30 USD" is deposited into their trading account.