In spreads archive you can find information about changes in spreads during low liquidity  or high volatility periods on MT4 Fixed accounts.You can look at the history of changes in spreads for any period. If there is no information, spread value corresponds the contract specification of MT4 Fixed accounts.


Choose Date:

Specification NameTimeSpread
AUD/CHF00:00 - 23:5920
AUD/NZD00:00 - 23:5924
CHF/JPY00:00 - 23:598
EUR/CHF00:00 - 23:596
EUR/GBP00:00 - 23:596
EUR/JPY00:00 - 23:596
GBP/CHF00:00 - 23:5914
GBP/JPY00:00 - 23:5914
GBP/USD00:00 - 23:596
USD/CHF00:00 - 23:596
USD/JPY00:00 - 23:596
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