Stock price Pacific Mercantile Bancorp (PMBC) today

Pacific Mercantile Bancorp

Pacific Mercantile Bancorp


High: 3.93

Low: 0

Market Mood

The ratio of the number of bought and sold lots based on the trading volume

The data is updated every 10 minutes

Seller Buyer
Name Current price Last Change
Psychemedics Corp 5.01000000
Pingtan Marine Enterprise Ltd 1.10000000
Pimco Muni 12.31000000
Pimco Muni II 12.13000000
Putnam Managed Muni Income Trust 6.88000000

The ratio between two currencies determined on the basis of the exchange rate of these currencies in relation to a third currency; carried out mainly in relation to the US dollar. When trading with cross rates, one needs to use the fundamental analysis of world markets, as well as the indicators of the US, Europe and Asia financial markets.


Nowadays, a lot of people still confuse financial investments with their accumulation or saving. And this despite the characteristics, have critical differences between these concepts. You can save money and save it somewhere for a "rainy day." In the bank, under the mattress, it does not matter where, because one day inflation will do its job, and this money will lose its original value or completely depreciate. Investments allow not only not to lose money, but also to also make money.

A technical analysis figure that reflects a certain situation in the market and can serve as a signal for the trader to take a certain action, e.g., to open or close a position, adjust his trading strategy, etc.