Stock price Plexus Corp (PLXS) today

Plexus Corp

Plexus Corp


High: 62.84

Low: 0

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Seller Buyer
Name Current price Last Change
Philip Morris International Inc 68.25000000
Pacific Mercantile Bancorp 3.93000000
Psychemedics Corp 5.01000000
Pingtan Marine Enterprise Ltd 1.10000000
Pimco Muni 12.31000000

1. Everything that has value and is a company's property.

2. Type of fund investment, that is different in a higher degree of liquidity, level of profitability and riskness. Currency pairs, stocks, goods, indicies and manufacture equipment are considered to be assets.  


Nowadays, a lot of people still confuse financial investments with their accumulation or saving. And this despite the characteristics, have critical differences between these concepts. You can save money and save it somewhere for a "rainy day." In the bank, under the mattress, it does not matter where, because one day inflation will do its job, and this money will lose its original value or completely depreciate. Investments allow not only not to lose money, but also to also make money.