Stock price 15+ Year US Tips Index ETF Pimco (LTPZ) today

15+ Year US Tips Index ETF Pimco

15+ Year US Tips Index ETF Pimco


High: 82.6

Low: 0

Name Current price Last Change
Liberty Tripadvisor Holdings I 2.16000000
Liberty Tripadvisor Holdings I 30.00000000
Lantronix Inc 3.39000000
Ladenburg Thalmann Financial Inc 3.49000000
Legacytexas Financial Group Inc 39.98000000

A macroeconomic statistical indicator expressing the aggregate value of final goods and services that are produced in the territory of a given country at market prices. 
This is one of the key indicators of economic development. Usually it is given for a calendar year. 

A technical analysis figure that occurs after a dramatic market movement whose shape resembles the flagpole of a pennon. Afterwards, the chart forms the characteristic triangular flag of a pennon. A pennon provides a signal that confirms the existing trend.

A relative indicator of the effectiveness of investments into financial and other assets, which is expressed as the ratio of the absolute value of the income earned to the amount of the initial investment. As a rule, yield is measured as a percentage. 

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