Stock price Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment Inc (DDE) today

Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment Inc

Dover Downs Gaming & Entertainment Inc


High: 2.64

Low: 0

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March 23, 2020
Day All calender forex G20 Meetings
March 24, 2020
Day All calender forex G7 Meetings
March 26, 2020
Day All calender forex G20 Meetings
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Wisdomtree Dynamic Currency Hed 28.22620000 0%
Delaware Dividend & Income 8.48000000 0%
Short Oil & Gas Proshares 43.50710000 0%
Wisdomtree Dynamic Currency Hed 26.06630000 0%
Wisdomtree Dynamic Currency Hed 22.78000000 0%

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Contracts based on the obligation to buy or sell a particular commodity, securities, or a combination thereof. In most cases, transactions with derivatives do not provide for the physical delivery of the underlying asset but rather for obtaining the difference between the purchase and  sale prices of the derivative. The volume of issued derivatives may significantly exceed the amount of the actually existing underlying asset.

A type of pattern formed in Japanese candlestick charts, wherein the candle has a short body and long shadows, formed by the appearance of non-market rates – that is to say, the appearance of a significant gap between one rate and the next. This type of candlestick may be the result of unusual buyer or seller resistance, or conversely, of a technical anomaly. 

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