Stock price Delaware Dividend & Income (DDF) today

Delaware Dividend & Income

Delaware Dividend & Income



High: 8.48

Low: 8.48

Name Current price Last Change
Short Oil & Gas Proshares 43.50710000 0%
Wisdomtree Dynamic Currency Hed 26.06630000 0%
Wisdomtree Dynamic Currency Hed 22.78000000 0%
Ultra DOW 30 Proshares 29.12000000 0%
DB Commodity Short ETN Powershares 46.01000000 0%

A candlestick analysis figure that is shaped like a top. It indicates the minimum difference between the opening and closing prices of the trading session. This figure tells us that in the struggle between the "bulls" and "bears" neither side has achieved the upper hand and that the price remains practically unchanged after the trades have been placed.

Contracts based on the obligation to buy or sell a particular commodity, securities, or a combination thereof. In most cases, transactions with derivatives do not provide for the physical delivery of the underlying asset but rather for obtaining the difference between the purchase and  sale prices of the derivative. The volume of issued derivatives may significantly exceed the amount of the actually existing underlying asset.

The spread is the difference between the “bid” and “ask” price rates, that is to say, between the buy and sell prices. Narrow spreads (when the difference between the “bid” and “ask” price rates is very small) are more advantageous to traders since they allow them to profit from even minute price movements.

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