Stock price Wisdomtree Dynamic Currency Hed (DDEZ) today

Wisdomtree Dynamic Currency Hed

Wisdomtree Dynamic Currency Hed



High: 28.2262

Low: 28.2262

Name Current price Last Change
Delaware Dividend & Income 8.48000000 0%
Short Oil & Gas Proshares 43.50710000 0%
Wisdomtree Dynamic Currency Hed 26.06630000 0%
Wisdomtree Dynamic Currency Hed 22.78000000 0%
Ultra DOW 30 Proshares 29.12000000 0%

The predetermined expiration date of the contract (usually one month or three months). The expiration date is determined in the specification of the derivative financial instrument (for example, CFD). Expiring contracts are calculated based on the closing price of the market at the time of expiration.

Contracts based on the obligation to buy or sell a particular commodity, securities, or a combination thereof. In most cases, transactions with derivatives do not provide for the physical delivery of the underlying asset but rather for obtaining the difference between the purchase and  sale prices of the derivative. The volume of issued derivatives may significantly exceed the amount of the actually existing underlying asset.

A trade that is carried out immediately at current market prices. In margin trading, it is usually applicable to trading in contracts for precious metals or commodities. The opposite of spot trading is futures trading.

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