Stock price 20+ Year Trsy Bond Ishares (TLT) today

20+ Year Trsy Bond Ishares

20+ Year Trsy Bond Ishares


High: 164.55

Low: 0

This week's events

Time Country Period Event Sense Forecast Previous
July 9, 2020
15:30 USD calender forex Week Unemployment Claims 1375K 1427K
17:00 USD calender forex Final Wholesale Inventories m/m -1.2% -1.2%
17:30 USD calender forex June Natural Gas Storage 60B 65B
20:01 USD calender forex June 30-y Bond Auction 1.45|2.3
July 10, 2020
15:30 USD calender forex June Producer Price Index m/m 0.4% 0.4%
15:30 USD calender forex June Core PPI m/m 0.1% -0.1%
Name Current price Last Change
Flexshares Morningstar Develope 50.35000000
Flexshares Morningstar Emerging 42.34000000
Tilly's Inc 4.67000000
Toyota Motor Corp Ltd Ord 119.47000000
20+ Year Trsy Bull 3X Direxion 41.19

A technical analysis figure that occurs when prices are falling and at the moment of their subsequent recovery. This figure can be identified as the moment on the chart when the trend reaches its minimum price. It may also form part of a trend reversal figure, such as, for example, “the double bottom”.

A Consumer Price Index is a statistical estimate of the current level of inflation. This indicator is one of the most “mobile” ones and as such it often distorts real information. However, it affects the entire trading process by influencing not only Forex  but also the bond market and other stock structures. Information about this index is published in several countries.

A document certifying property rights of its owner. As a rule, the term refers to shares and bonds of companies, as well as promissory notes.
Currently, most securities are paperless, as the ownership of shares is recorded in the shareholder register of the company.

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