Stock price 20+ Year Trsy Bond Ishares (TLT) today

20+ Year Trsy Bond Ishares

20+ Year Trsy Bond Ishares



High: 167.7

Low: 131.97

Name Current price Last Change
Flexshares Morningstar Develope 45.91000000 0%
Flexshares Morningstar Emerging 51.48000000 0%
Tilly's Inc 4.33000000 0%
Toyota Motor Corp Ltd Ord 127.24000000 0%
20+ Year Trsy Bull 3X Direxion 44.13 0%

The predetermined expiration date of the contract (usually one month or three months). The expiration date is determined in the specification of the derivative financial instrument (for example, CFD). Expiring contracts are calculated based on the closing price of the market at the time of expiration.

One of the main indices characterizing the economy of Japan. It has been calculated since 1970 by Nihon Keizai Shimbun – the newspaper, the abbreviated name of which, Nikkei, gave the index its name. It is calculated as the arithmetic average of the stock prices of 225 companies most actively traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).

The currency of a country that has completely abolished currency restrictions for individuals and legal entities, both foreign and local. Can be exchanged for any foreign currency.

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