Stock price 1-5 Year US Tips Index ETF Pimco (STPZ) today

1-5 Year US Tips Index ETF Pimco

1-5 Year US Tips Index ETF Pimco


High: 52.61

Low: 0

Market Mood

The ratio of the number of bought and sold lots based on the trading volume

The data is updated every 10 minutes

Seller Buyer
Name Current price Last Change
Strayer Education 169.46000000
Sterling Construction Company Inc 8.34000000
Streamline Health Solutions 0.93800000
Stratus Properties 18.97
Strattec Security Corp 22.1

An amount of funds at a trading account calculated from all the closed positions, and deposit/withdrawal operations. Open positions do not count in the balance calculation, that's why balance = equity, if there are no open positions. 

A Consumer Price Index is a statistical estimate of the current level of inflation. This indicator is one of the most “mobile” ones and as such it often distorts real information. However, it affects the entire trading process by influencing not only Forex  but also the bond market and other stock structures. Information about this index is published in several countries.