Stock price 1-5 Year US Tips Index ETF Pimco (STPZ) today

1-5 Year US Tips Index ETF Pimco

1-5 Year US Tips Index ETF Pimco



High: 52.01

Low: 52.01

Name Current price Last Change
Strayer Education 126.36000000 0%
Sterling Construction Company Inc 8.91000000 0%
Streamline Health Solutions 0.877 0%
Stratus Properties 15.76000000 0%
Strattec Security Corp 14.50000000 0%

1/100 of a percent. It is widely used while describing the rate of interest for bond certificates of loans. For instance, a change of 10 basis points means that the interest rate gains or looses 0.1%.

A Consumer Price Index is a statistical estimate of the current level of inflation. This indicator is one of the most “mobile” ones and as such it often distorts real information. However, it affects the entire trading process by influencing not only Forex  but also the bond market and other stock structures. Information about this index is published in several countries.

Consecutive purchase or sale of financial assets of one issuer (or one currency pair) during the increase or decrease of their value, which leads to an increase or decrease in the value of the entire package of assets (total number of lots).

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