Stock price 1X Short Alerian MLP Infr ETN UBS E-Tracs (MLPS) today

1X Short Alerian MLP Infr ETN UBS E-Tracs

1X Short Alerian MLP Infr ETN UBS E-Tracs


High: 12.34

Low: 12.2235

Market Mood

The ratio of the number of bought and sold lots based on the trading volume

The data is updated every 10 minutes

Seller Buyer

The available funds in the trader’s trading account, which can be either used to open new deals or withdrawn. The free margin size is indicated in the Balance line of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, calculated using the Free Margin = Equity - Margin formula. A larger amount of free margin adds stability to the position of the trader in the event of an unfavorable price movement on open positions, but at the same time reduces profitability.

Opening and closing of a transaction (position) in equal lots. As a rule, this means two Forex transactions conducted using a trading platform: e.g., buying a lot for the selected currency pair, and then selling a same size lot for the identical currency pair (or vice versa, first selling a lot and then buying it back).

An act passed in the United States at the end of the Great Depression and aimed at restoring the confidence of private investors in the securities market. This law bans  companies from presenting incorrect or distorted information about themselves and makes them available to all potential investors.