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Illumina Inc. is a global US-based developer, manufacturer, and distributor of systems that enable researchers to carry out the genetic research needed for medicine, genomics, and proteomics. Its customers include genomic research centers, pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, clinical research organizations, and biotechnology companies.

Illumina was founded in 1998, in 2000 it carried out an IPO becoming a public company and issuing shares on the NASDAQ.

Since 2001, it began to produce equipment for the genotyping of single nucleotide polymorphisms; in 2002, it launched the Illumina BeadLab system. In 2007, it was acquired by Solexa, Inc. Until 2010, Illumina sold instruments labeled research-only", in 2010 the company received FDA approval for its BeadXpress system for use in clinical trials, after which its own CLIA laboratory was opened. In 2011, it was acquired by Epicenter Biotechnologies, in 2018 - Pacific Biosciences for $ 1.2 billion. The company is part of the NASDAQ-100 and S & P 500.

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