Stock price Core MSCI Emerging Mkts Ishares (IEMG) today

Core MSCI Emerging Mkts Ishares

Core MSCI Emerging Mkts Ishares



High: 39.59

Low: 39.59

Name Current price Last Change
DJ US Oil & Gas Ex Index Ishares 22.27000000 0%
Icahn Enterprises L.P. 49.14000000 0%
Integrated Electrical Services 17.29000000 0%
Core Europe Ishares 36.43000000 0%
Ishares Trust 37.69970000 0%

Indicates the lower and upper shadow of the Japanese candle. Long shadows of the candle indicate high trading volumes that result in the price moving far away from the opening/closing price of a certain  transaction. A short shadow of the candle indicates that the price has stayed close to the opening/closing price. The long tail of the Japanese candle helps traders to identify who is dominating the market at a specific moment in time: bulls or bears.

All the cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin, in other words, alternative coins. Often altcoins are a copy of Bitcoin with some alternations made to some specific charateristics regarding the speed of transfer, security and mining methods. Most part of altcoins is not so popular and has extreme volatility which makes investing in them more risky.  

This means that the investor buys financial assets counting on the growth of their value and profit from their sale. This term is derived from the established opinion that the stock market has a long-term upward trend, and thus, over a long period of time, the price of the once-purchased shares will inevitably increase.

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