Stock price Icahn Enterprises L.P. (IEP) today

Icahn Enterprises L.P.

Icahn Enterprises L.P.



High: 49.14

Low: 49.14

Name Current price Last Change
Integrated Electrical Services 17.29000000 0%
Core Europe Ishares 36.43000000 0%
Ishares Trust 37.69970000 0%
S&P Europe 350 Index Ishares 34.67000000 0%
Idex Corp 131.18000000 0%

A file containing information on the orders sent by the client to the dealer and the results of the execution of such orders. All data on the trading account are located in chronological order and usually used for resolving disputed cases between the client and the broker.

Positions on the same instrument but in opposite directions (buying and selling), opened with a certain time lag for fixing losses on the first open position. If a lock of the same amount is applied, a change in the price of a financial instrument will no longer affect the deposit capital, since losses in one position will be offset by profits in another. Traders often use the lock as a pause needed to assess the market, monitor its dynamics, and make a final decision on which direction to unlock the locked funds.

This means that the investor buys financial assets counting on the growth of their value and profit from their sale. This term is derived from the established opinion that the stock market has a long-term upward trend, and thus, over a long period of time, the price of the once-purchased shares will inevitably increase.

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