Stock price Ishares Muni 2020 (IBMI) today

Ishares Muni 2020

Ishares Muni 2020


High: 25.465

Low: 0

The available funds in a trader’s trading account, which can either be used to open new positions or withdrawn.  The free margin size is indicated in the Balance line of the MetaTrader 4 trading platform, calculated using the Free Margin = Equity - Margin formula. A larger amount of free margin adds stability to the position of the trader in the event of an unfavorable price movement on open positions, but at the same time reduces profitability.

Part of the net profit of a joint stock company annually distributed among shareholders after payment of taxes, deductions for production expansion, replenishment of reserves, repayment of loans, etc. The amount of dividends paid usually affects the current share price.

In the given context, shadows are the parts of the Japanese candle indicating the maximum and minimum price rates in the given time period charted by the candle. If the shadows are short, it means the value of the traded asset ranged around the open and close prices of the given period. If the shadows are long it indicates active trading during the period, with prices drifting away from the open price, only to come back around for the close price. A long top shadow with a short bottom shadow attests to a period dominated by bulls, and vice versa.

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