Stock price Icici Bank Ltd (IBN) today

Icici Bank Ltd

Icici Bank Ltd


High: 8.19

Low: 0

Name Current price Last Change
SPDR Intl Corp Bond Barclays Capital 31.77000000
International Bancshares Corp 28.79000000
Installed Building Products I 57.09000000
Independent Bank Group Inc 30.48000000
Amplify Onln Rtl ETF 51.94000000

Positions on the same instrument but in opposite directions (buying and selling), opened with a certain time lag for fixing losses on the first open position. If a lock of the same amount is applied, a change in the price of a financial instrument will no longer affect the deposit capital, since losses in one position will be offset by profits in another. Traders often use the lock as a pause needed to assess the market, monitor its dynamics, and make a final decision on which direction to unlock the locked funds.

Part of the net profit of a joint stock company annually distributed among shareholders after payment of taxes, deductions for production expansion, replenishment of reserves, repayment of loans, etc. The amount of dividends paid usually affects the current share price.

The individual number assigned by the system to each trading operation performed by traders in order to identify each pending contract or open transaction. All ticker numbers are indicated in the orders history.

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