Stock price 2018 Investment Grade Ishares (IBCC) today

2018 Investment Grade Ishares

2018 Investment Grade Ishares


High: 24.59

Low: 0

Name Current price Last Change
2020 Investment Grade Ishares 24.54500000
2023 Investment Grade Ishares 24.99000000
Independent Bank Corp 13.23000000
Inc. Isharesbond 2018 Ishares 25.62000000
Inc. Isharesbond 2020 Ishares 26.02000000

1. A participant in (promoter of) stock exchange transactions who seeks to profit on the increase in the value of securities, currencies, and commodities. A bull acquires exchange commodities at a rate that is fixed at the time of the transaction. The trader seeks to execute the transaction at a moment when the rate is increasing in order to obtain a profit on the differences in rates.

2. A speculator who anticipates future price increases. He buys contracts at the lowest price with a view of selling them at a higher price. Income is obtained on the basis of the difference in the values of the exchange contracts at the time of purchase and at the time of sale minus the amount of the commission.

Part of the net profit of a joint stock company annually distributed among shareholders after payment of taxes, deductions for production expansion, replenishment of reserves, repayment of loans, etc. The amount of dividends paid usually affects the current share price.

A marketplace where the rules of trading in commodities or financial instruments are strictly established. The market can be both over-the-counter and exchange-based.

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