Stock price 2023 Investment Grade Ishares (IBCE) today

2023 Investment Grade Ishares

2023 Investment Grade Ishares


High: 24.64

Low: 0

This week's events

Time Country Period Event Sense Forecast Previous
January 20, 2020
Day USD calender forex Bank Holiday
January 24, 2020
17:45 USD calender forex December Flash Manufacturing PMI 51.7 52.4 52.4
17:45 USD calender forex Flash Services PMI 53.2 52.9 52.8
Name Current price Last Change
Independent Bank Corp 21.99000000
Inc. Isharesbond 2018 Ishares 25.62000000
Inc. Isharesbond 2020 Ishares 26.05500000
Inc. Isharesbond 2023 Ishares 26.83500000
Isharebond Dec 2018 Corporate T 25.18500000

An agreement that was signed in 1944 that resulted in the emergence of a dollar standard to replace the gold standard. At the same time, the US dollar was hard pegged to gold at a rate of USD 35 per troy ounce. By the early 1970s, the system had exhausted itself and was replaced by a model of free mutual conversions, which was characterized by fluctuations in exchange rates.

An individual or legal entity engaged in buying and selling or quoting financial instruments who acts on own behalf and at own expense; the dealer can enter into direct transactions with customers, brokers, or another dealer; the dealer profit is the difference between the purchase and sale prices of financial instruments, as well as changes in the market value thereof.

Profit or loss in a transaction before it closes. This indicator allows to assess the current state of an open position, including to select the best moment for closing it. After that, the indicator of profit or loss is recorded and reflected in the amount of the deposit.

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