Stock price 2023 Investment Grade Ishares (IBCE) today

2023 Investment Grade Ishares

2023 Investment Grade Ishares


High: 24.99

Low: 0

Market Mood

The ratio of the number of bought and sold lots based on the trading volume

The data is updated every 10 minutes

Seller Buyer
Name Current price Last Change
Independent Bank Corp 13.23000000
Inc. Isharesbond 2018 Ishares 25.62000000
Inc. Isharesbond 2020 Ishares 26.02000000
Inc. Isharesbond 2023 Ishares 27.10680000
Isharebond Dec 2018 Corporate T 25.18500000

An individual or legal entity engaged in buying and selling or quoting financial instruments who acts on own behalf and at own expense; the dealer can enter into direct transactions with customers, brokers, or another dealer; the dealer profit is the difference between the purchase and sale prices of financial instruments, as well as changes in the market value thereof.

Profit or loss in a transaction before it closes. This indicator allows to assess the current state of an open position, including to select the best moment for closing it. After that, the indicator of profit or loss is recorded and reflected in the amount of the deposit.