Stock price 10+ Year Credit Bond Ishares (CLY) today

10+ Year Credit Bond Ishares

10+ Year Credit Bond Ishares


High: 58.9

Low: 0

This week's events

Time Country Period Event Sense Forecast Previous
May 25, 2020
Day USD calender forex Bank Holiday
May 29, 2020
15:30 USD calender forex April Personal Spending m/m -12.6% -7.5%
15:30 USD calender forex April Personal Income m/m -7.0% -2.0%
15:30 USD calender forex April Core PCE Price Index m/m -0.3% -0.1%
15:30 USD calender forex Goods Trade Balance -64.8B -64.2B
15:30 USD calender forex Prelim Wholesale Inventories m/m -0.5% -0.8%
16:45 USD calender forex April Chicago PMI 40.1 35.4
17:00 USD calender forex April Revised UoM Inflation Expectations 3.0%
17:00 USD calender forex April Revised UoM Consumer Sentiment 73.7 73.7
18:00 USD calender forex Fed Chair Powell Speaks
May 30, 2020
18:00 USD calender forex President Trump Speaks
Name Current price Last Change
Clorox Company 203.95000000
Ishares Interest Rate Hedged 10 26.24500000
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce 60.58000000
CMBS Bond Ishares 53.90000000
Commercial Metals Company 16.22000000

An agreement that was signed in 1944 that resulted in the emergence of a dollar standard to replace the gold standard. At the same time, the US dollar was hard pegged to gold at a rate of USD 35 per troy ounce. By the early 1970s, the system had exhausted itself and was replaced by a model of free mutual conversions, which was characterized by fluctuations in exchange rates.

One of a number of technical indices reflecting the fluctuation of quotations for financial instruments. This indicator reflects changes over a specific time period. It is used for predicting the market and developing trading strategies.

A person who has access to information inaccessible to a wide range of investors. US legislation recognizes as insiders the company's directors, employees and the shareholders who own over 10% of the company’s shares. The use of insider information by these or any other persons is punishable by law.

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