Stock price 10+ Year Credit Bond Ishares (CLY) today

10+ Year Credit Bond Ishares

10+ Year Credit Bond Ishares


High: 58.9

Low: 0

This week's events

Time Country Period Event Sense Forecast Previous
January 20, 2020
Day USD calender forex Bank Holiday
January 24, 2020
17:45 USD calender forex Flash Services PMI 52.9 52.8
17:45 USD calender forex December Flash Manufacturing PMI 52.4 52.4
Name Current price Last Change
Clorox Company 150.79000000
Ishares Interest Rate Hedged 10 26.24500000
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce 82.61000000
CMBS Bond Ishares 53.08610000
Commercial Metals Company 21.71000000

1. A participant in (promoter of) stock exchange transactions who seeks to profit on the increase in the value of securities, currencies, and commodities. A bull acquires exchange commodities at a rate that is fixed at the time of the transaction. The trader seeks to execute the transaction at a moment when the rate is increasing in order to obtain a profit on the differences in rates.

2. A speculator who anticipates future price increases. He buys contracts at the lowest price with a view of selling them at a higher price. Income is obtained on the basis of the difference in the values of the exchange contracts at the time of purchase and at the time of sale minus the amount of the commission.

The official depreciation of the national or international (regional) monetary unit relative to currencies of other countries or international monetary units; method of post-inflation stabilizing of a currency.

Laws passed by various American states to protect investors against securities fraud. These laws demand registration of each new issue of securities and publication of detailed financial information.

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