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  • Jobless Claims Indicator

    The American employment system is well developed, thus the government provides the unemployed population with relatively high claims. Any fired employee due to optimization or any other reason is eager to receive aid from the government and the statistics data about such people is public. Due to the late employment crisis in the US, there’s extra attention payed to such field of governmental mechanism, so a trader shall also consider it and analyze the data extracted from it.

    Jobless claims Indicator shows the amount of claim request received per week. Following the dynamics of this indicator allows a trader to easily predict the consumer costs level and the economy’s state in general.

    When is it published?

    The weekly statistics on Jobless Claims indicator are published every Thursday at 8:30 a.m. EST. The data are published on the official pages of American Labor Department, Bureau of Statistics. The weekly review includes a detailed report on the requests received from the citizens who were formerly employed in the following fields of labor:

    • storage facilities and logistics;
    • housebuilding;
    • transport;
    • education;
    • foodservice;
    • wholesale;
    • sales;
    • manufacture;
    • farming.

    How do traders use jobless Claims index in practice?

    If the number of request to receive aid from the government is increasing, it means more and more people are fires. Knowing the indicator’s level formed the current week and having built its dynamics, one may conclude a growth or fall in unemployment which directly affects the county’s economy.

    Once obtained a certain prognosis from a specialist and formed a preliminary strategy, traders wait for real indicators of the currency change. Once fixed a result that is lower than the one predicted, we shall conclude, the dollar is strengthening, but if the result is lower than the real numbers are, a negative scenario shall be expected.

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