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  • US leaving TTP: what will happen and who will benefit from it?

    The beginning of this week is full of events. US stock indexes will remember November 21 for a long time: the Dow Jones Industrial Average index has reached its historic highs. The flagship index S&P500 and Technology Sector Index NASDAQ  have the same dynamics . After the end of trading session in US Donald Trump published a release in which he informed about an intention to quit TTP as a part of the plan for the first 100 days of his presidentship. Prime  Minister of Japan Shinzō Abe said that the TPP would be "meaningless" without the involvement of the US.

    If US quits the deal we will witness  fundamental changes in the world infrastructure as more than a third of the world countries are the part of it.

    The market responded to this intention already. Investors buy up shares of the companies that benefit from Donald Trump being a president.

    On Monday November 21 the following companies increased their  shares price: Range Resources Corporation (+6,97%); Chesapeake Energy (+6,36%); Marathon Petroleum (+8,94%). All these companies  are attractive for investment looking out for the structural changes that will be done by Donald Trump (increasing of investment in hydrocarbon sector and infrastructure project and leaving Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal).

    The review is done by FIBO Group analyst Mikhail Khlestunov.

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