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  • Personal Income Indicator

    The volume of one´s personal income is different from salary in the way that the first one includes all the possible sources of money. In some cases the sum differs a lot, thus making their purchasing power analysis way more difficult. Real Earnings indicator is a narrow case, the data collected from the registered entities, while Personal Income is a general case, which includes not only salary and official income, but government aid and other sources.

    What are the data sources?

    Traders get information about Personal Income from Economical Analysis Bureau’s specialists the month proceeding after the fiscal month. Since this indicator is extremely important for strategy build-up, one’s got to clearly know at what exact time it is published — 9:30 EET (Eastern Standard Time) is the time when official reports appear on the Bureau’s web-site, and at Bloomberg’s, Thomas Reuters and others several minutes later.

    How to interpret the Personal Income data?

    Following the dynamics of personal income volume allows drawing certain conclusions. A growth of the indicator tells us about an increase in consumers’ customs leading to an increase in the amount of goods obtained. All of the mentioned above positively affects the county’s currency, but if the data revealed in the report shows no growth, but a decrease, one shall expect nothing but a negative scenario.

    Personal Income Indicator is an important variable in every prognosis’ formula, though traders notice insignificant influence on the market. But either way, Personal Income is the best preceding indicator which reflects consumer costs and accordingly retail sales and escalation expectations.

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