Stock price 500Wan.Com Ltd (WBAI) today

500Wan.Com Ltd

500Wan.Com Ltd


High: 9.38

Low: 0

Name Current price Last Change
Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc 59.10000000
Westbury Bancorp Inc 27.60000000
Wabco Holdings Inc 134.68000000
Wbi Smid Tactical Growth Shares 21.99090000
Wbi Smid Tactical Value Shares 22.07330000
Wbi Smid Tactical Yield Shares 18.24360000

A financial instrument that allows you to make money on changes in the price of an asset at a certain moment in time. Its distinctive features are its fixed cost and the amount of the potential profit and risk. The magnitude of the change is not important, which makes binary options look like betting.

A mediator between sellers and buyers in transactions involving goods, securities, and currency. The broker brings together sellers and buyers and carries out their orders without becoming the owner of the object of the transactions (goods, securities, currency, freight or insurance policies). The broker often specializes in a rather narrow range of goods, certain types of securities, and precious metals

A person who has access to information inaccessible to a wide range of investors. US legislation recognizes as insiders the company's directors, employees and the shareholders who own over 10% of the company’s shares. The use of insider information by these or any other persons is punishable by law.

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