Stock price 21Vianet Group Inc (VNET) today

21Vianet Group Inc

21Vianet Group Inc


High: 7.04

Low: 0

Name Current price Last Change
Vietnam ETF Market Vectors 15.86000000
Vornado Realty Trust 64.45000000
Viper Energy Partners LP 24.38000000
REIT Index ETF Vanguard 92.68000000
Global Ex-US Real Estate ETF Vanguard 60.40000000

A candlestick analysis figure that is shaped like a top. It indicates the minimum difference between the opening and closing prices of the trading session. This figure tells us that in the struggle between the "bulls" and "bears" neither side has achieved the upper hand and that the price remains practically unchanged after the trades have been placed.

A tool that facilitates technical analysis of the market by serving to develop a trading strategy. The indicator is selected in accordance with the market, its use in the work and the principles on which the calculation of its values are made. As a rule, the required indicator is added directly to the window of the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal.

An order issued by a broker’s trader to purchase or sell trading instruments on the stock exchange when this asset reaches the value specified in the document. It remains valid until the specified condition is triggered or the order is canceled.

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