Stock price 0-5 Year Investment Grade Ishares (SLQD) today

0-5 Year Investment Grade Ishares

0-5 Year Investment Grade Ishares



High: 49.75

Low: 49.75

Name Current price Last Change
Solar Capital Ltd 11.35000000 0%
Galena Biopharma 1.85000000 0%
Scorpio Bulkers Inc. 7.50% Seni 25.22000000
Silver Trust Ishares 14.17000000 5.43%
Credit Suisse Ag 5.53000000 0%

1. The lowest level of the price, economic activity in the economic cycle. As a rule, this is the period of time for which this indicator is recorded: a quarter, a year, a decade, or the entire duration of the existence of the given financial instrument.

2. Price of the support in technical analysis. Often used to establish the time of purchase of a financial asset when transactions are conducted within a single trading day (scalping).

This is a stock index, which is the average stock price of a group of the largest US companies; it represents the arithmetic average (unweighted) of the daily quotes of a certain group of 30 companies at the close of the exchange. It has been calculated since 1896.

A participant in market trade, the client of an exchange or a broker. When it comes to the Forex market – a trader is anyone who make trades, as opposed to investors who do not conduct independent trading, but rather place their funds in the hands of fund managers, for example, by way of PAMM managed accounts.

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