Stock price 30 Year Tips/Tsy Spread Proshares (RINF) today

30 Year Tips/Tsy Spread Proshares

30 Year Tips/Tsy Spread Proshares


High: 26.623

Low: 0

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Time Country Period Event Sense Forecast Previous
February 17, 2020
Day USD calender forex Bank Holiday
Name Current price Last Change
Global Gold Miners MSCI Ishares 22.52000000
Rio Tinto Plc 54.61000000
Aspenbio Pharma 1.32000000
Sit Rising Rate ETF 22.85000000
Rit Technologies Ltd 0.00950000

Positions on the same instrument but in opposite directions (buying and selling), opened with a certain time lag for fixing losses on the first open position. If a lock of the same amount is applied, a change in the price of a financial instrument will no longer affect the deposit capital, since losses in one position will be offset by profits in another. Traders often use the lock as a pause needed to assess the market, monitor its dynamics, and make a final decision on which direction to unlock the locked funds.

An order to a broker that indicates that he must execute it completely (for example, buy a designated amount of securities at the indicated or better price).  If it is impossible to fulfill one of the conditions, then the order shall not be executed.

This index shows the ratio of the US dollar to a basket of six major currencies: Euro (EUR), Yen (JPY), Pound sterling (GBP), Canadian dollar (CAD), Swedish krona (SEK), and Swiss franc (CHF), whith the Euro having the largest weight of 57.6%. Currently being calculated and traded on ICE (Intercontinental Exchange, Inc.).

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