Stock price 1347 Property Insurance Holding (PIH) today

1347 Property Insurance Holding

1347 Property Insurance Holding


High: 4.77

Low: 0

Name Current price Last Change
Polaris Industries Inc 79.56000000
Direxion Daily Pharmaceutical & 16.31000000
Putnam Master Intermediate Income 4.14000000
India Powershares 15.37000000
Premier Inc 31.30000000

Nickname of New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), which originated as a result of cooperation of brokers in 1792 after signing up the Buttonwood Agreement. NYSE got its modern name in 1863. Currently, Big Board is the biggest market in the world (judging by the capitalization volume). 

A technical analysis indicator that shapes trend lines connecting the main peaks and bases on the price chart while filtering out minor price fluctuations. It shows the most significant reversals and rollbacks of the market without predicting further price movements.

Major participants of the OTC market who ensure its liquidity. Can act as both sellers and buyers.

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