Stock price Ishares Ibonds Dec 2021 Corporate (IBDM) today

Ishares Ibonds Dec 2021 Corporate

Ishares Ibonds Dec 2021 Corporate



High: 24.54

Low: 24.54

Name Current price Last Change
Ishares Ibonds Dec 2022 Corporate 24.72000000 0%
Ishares Ibonds Dec 2023 Corpora 24.79000000 0%
Ishares Ibonds Dec 2024 Corpora 24.60000000 0%
Ishares Ibonds Dec 2025 Corpora 24.64000000 0%
Ibio Inc 1.15 0%

The relation between a trader's funds and the margin expressed as a percentage. It shows the possibility or impossibility of both opening new positions and maintaining the already open orders. It is calculated as follows: Equity/Margin × 100%.

An individual or legal entity engaged in buying and selling or quoting financial instruments who acts on own behalf and at own expense; the dealer can enter into direct transactions with customers, brokers, or another dealer; the dealer profit is the difference between the purchase and sale prices of financial instruments, as well as changes in the market value thereof.

A slow decline in production or economic slowdown. A recession can have various causes. It frequently follows an economic boom and can develop into a depression.

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