Stock price First Mid Ill Bancshares Inc (FMBH) today

First Mid Ill Bancshares Inc

First Mid Ill Bancshares Inc



High: 22.2

Low: 22.2

Name Current price Last Change
First Midwest Bancorp 13.47000000 0%
First Trust Morningstar Managed 44.03000000 0%
Megacap Alphadex First Trust 29.31780000 0%
Federated Premier Muni 12.65000000 0%

A mediator between sellers and buyers in transactions involving goods, securities, and currency. The broker brings together sellers and buyers and carries out their orders without becoming the owner of the object of the transactions (goods, securities, currency, freight or insurance policies). The broker often specializes in a rather narrow range of goods, certain types of securities, and precious metals

The term is derived from the Latin “divergere” which means to detect a discrepancy. In forex, a divergence usually means a warning given by a MACD indicator signaling a change in the existing trend to the opposite one.

1. The lowest possible size, volume of a batch of sold goods, securities, or money (currency).

2. In Forex, the standard lot for a trading instrument (currency pair) usually equals 100,000 units of the base currency.

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