Stock price 2X Leveraged DJ Select Dividend ETN (DVYL) today

2X Leveraged DJ Select Dividend ETN

2X Leveraged DJ Select Dividend ETN


High: 71.6732

Low: 0

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Time Country Period Event Sense Forecast Previous
February 17, 2020
Day USD calender forex Bank Holiday
Name Current price Last Change
Devon Energy Corp 22.07000000
Dynamic OTC Powershares 117.93900000
Powershares DWA Smallcap Momentum Portfolio 54.61000000
Arrow DWA Tactical ETF 11.28000000
Datawatch Corp 13.10000000

An instrument that greatly facilitates trading on Forex. There is no need for the trader to constantly monitor the market in anticipation of the right moment to open or close a position. Standard pending orders are BUY LIMIT, BUY STOP, SELL LIMIT, and SELL STOP.

Excess budget expenditure over income. It may occur due to an increase in government spending, a reduction in budget revenues due to emergency situations, the inefficiency of the state system and the tax system, and/or corruption. 
The budget deficit is considered to be a negative phenomenon as it leads to inflation and a decrease in the value of the national currency.

The national currencies that are used by the central banks of other countries as foreign currency reserves. The main reserve currencies are the US dollar as well as the euro, the British pound sterling, the Japanese Yen, the Swiss franc, and with some reservations the Chinese Yuan.

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