Stock price 3X Inverse Silver ETN Velocityshares (DSLV) today

3X Inverse Silver ETN Velocityshares

3X Inverse Silver ETN Velocityshares


High: 18.91

Low: 0

This week's events

Time Country Period Event Sense Forecast Previous
February 17, 2020
Day USD calender forex Bank Holiday
Name Current price Last Change
Dreyfus Strategic Muni Bond Fund 8.05000000
DSP Group 14.22000000
Document Security Systems 0.26900000
Blackrock Debt Strategies Fund 10.97000000
Chinese Yuan Dim Sum Bond Powershares 22.18000000

The predetermined expiration date of the contract (usually one month or three months). The expiration date is determined in the specification of the derivative financial instrument (for example, CFD). Expiring contracts are calculated based on the closing price of the market at the time of expiration.

Excess budget expenditure over income. It may occur due to an increase in government spending, a reduction in budget revenues due to emergency situations, the inefficiency of the state system and the tax system, and/or corruption. 
The budget deficit is considered to be a negative phenomenon as it leads to inflation and a decrease in the value of the national currency.

or FOREX, is an international currency exchange market, the prices on which are not restricted but rather form on the supply and demand basis. The principal participants of the Forex market and liquidity providers thereof are major banks, insurance companies, funds, and exporters in need of real currency exchange. Hundreds of thousands of traders use this market to make money on their predictions on the direction of changes in currency rates.

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