Stock price Guggenheim Bulletshares 2020 Hi (BSJK) today

Guggenheim Bulletshares 2020 Hi

Guggenheim Bulletshares 2020 Hi


High: 23.11

Low: 0

A macroeconomic statistical indicator expressing the aggregate value of final goods and services that are produced in the territory of a given country at market prices. 
This is one of the key indicators of economic development. Usually it is given for a calendar year. 

The index of NASDAQ Stock Market – the exchange specializing in trading  stocks of high-tech companies. Several indices are calculated on the exchange but the NASDAQ Index is generally understood as the NASDAQ Composite, which includes the stock price dynamics of more than 3000 issuers.

An order to buy or sell currency at a fixed price point (or the closest available price above/below it). This order is usually set up in order to limit losses in case the market moves against the direction anticipated by the trader.

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