Roman Shevcenko

FIBO Group Analyst

FIBO Analyst — Roman Shevcenko

Practicing trader, analyst and expert of FIBO Group Academy, Roman Shevchenko, has been successfully trading for more than 10 years. The expert specializes in forex trading and capital management.

In our dynamic and high-tech times, stock exchange education is an indispensable part for every person who plans to make money investing in financial markets. Roman is one of the professionals who can competently apply the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice.

In his arsenal as a trader, there are several of his own trading strategies that allowed him to turn the process of trading in the financial markets into his main source of income.

Roman Shevchenko's analytical materials are published daily on the FIBO Group website in the sections Market Analysis and Forecasts. Video reviews of the market are regularly posted on our YouTube channel.

Live streams from the analyst

️Торговля на форекс. Активный интрадей 29.07.2021 г

️Торговля на форекс. Активный интрадей 22.07.2021 г

️Торговля на форекс. Активный интрадей 08.07.2021 г

Webinars and events

Signal trading

Before you start using signals you should take into consideration that there are no universal signals. There are universal traders, who are capable of adapting to various market conditions. Our analyst will show you on real examples how to pick and use signals on forex market in practice.

Video courses introduction


We invite you to take part in our courses where experienced traders teach you the basics of forex trading, terminology and trading instruments of forex market. They will also show you in practice how you can earn on forex. Courses are to be held online.