Kucher Dmitry

FIBO Group Analyst

FIBO Analyst — Kucher Dmitry

Dmitry Kucher has been a practicing trader and investor in financial markets such as forex, stock market and cryptocurrency market for more than 20 years. He has developed a number of his own strategies which are applicable for any type of market and almost any deposit, providing high average monthly returns while following the necessary risk management rules.

He is convinced that success in trading is directly related to theoretical and practical training of a trader. He shares his knowledge as a trainer of the FIBO Group Academy: he conducts webinars both for beginners and experienced investors.


Webinars and events

Video courses introduction

We invite you to take part in our courses where experienced traders teach you the basics of forex trading, terminology and trading instruments of forex market. They will also show you in practice how you can earn on forex. Courses are to be held online.