CFD – Rollover (US500, USTECH, US30, GERMAN, ESTX50, UK100)
07 Dec 2016

CFD – Rollover (US500, USTECH, US30, GERMAN, ESTX50, UK100)

Dear Clients,

Please note that US500, USTECH, US30, GERMAN, ESTX50, UK100 contracts rollover procedures will start on December 12: there will be new March contracts (US500.MAR7, USTECH.MAR7, US30.MAR7, GERMAN.MAR7, ESTX50.MAR7, UK100.MAR7) available for trading, December contracts (US500.DEC6, USTECH.DEC6, US30.DEC6, GERMAN.DEC6, ESTX50.DEC6, UK100.DEC6) will be set in "close-only" mode.  All US500.DEC6, USTECH.DEC6, US30.DEC6, GERMAN.DEC6, ESTX50.DEC6, UK100.DEC6 open positions should be liquidated by the close of December 15 trading session.

Best regards,
FIBO Group, Ltd.

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