Fortune or the correct calculation? Interview with the winner of third place in the contest Trader's Triple Chase
01 Feb 2017

Fortune or the correct calculation? Interview with the winner of third place in the contest Trader's Triple Chase

Dear clients!

Last December we summed up the results of Trader’s Triple Chase contest that was held all 2016. The winners are MarketMan, kredozhs and WW who took the ultimate prizes of 25 000 USD, 15 000 USD  and 10 000 USD.

We offer you to read the interview with the third place winner – trader WW who will tell us about her direction in the contest, ways of her strategy and the role of success in trading Forex.

Hello! Please tell us a few words about yourself.
Hello! My name is Julia, I live in Ukraine in the beautiful city of Kharkiv.

What has brought you to the Forex?
I became interested in Forex about eight years ago. In the beginning, I looked briefly, then slowly began to read the information. I clearly remember how at first it all seemed to be so confusing! But the more I read, the more it fascinated me. I saw a huge potential for self-development, felt that it was something that I wanted to devote myself to.

How have you developed your trading skills?
Like many others, in the beginning I tried to reinvent the wheel. I had a million ideas, with which I experimented on with small accounts. Gradually I have separated the things I don’t need and now I have formed a clear set of rules for my trading strategy.

Have you participated in another Forex contests before?
I have participated in other competitions earlier, but such a large one like the Trader's Triple Chase. I am very grateful to the company for an interesting project with such opportunities.

How did you hear about the contest Trader's Triple Chase?
My friend sent me a link and we participated in it together, but the first steps were very complex due to the number of participants. The last stage I reached without her.

How long have you been trading with FIBO Group? What affected the choice of a broker?
I have been dealing with FIBO Group already a year. The  Broker meets all my requirements. Excellent technical support, tight spreads, no re-quotes, fast withdrawal of funds.

Do you think that success in trading depends more on luck than on the right strategy?
Success in trading does not depend on luck. This is very long and scrupulous work for a person and on the trading system.

Describe briefly your trading system. What rules do you follow in trading?
It is important to understand and assess the risks for each trade. In my trading system, this point is clearly established. The strategy is based on Newton's first law of physics, which states that for every action there is a reaction.
I’m spending a lot of time on trading. When I'm going to enter a trade,  - every hour, every half-hour I look into the terminal. I’m doing the same things to support my transaction. I try not to trade on the news, and do not carry trade positions onto the next day.

Has Forex changed something in your life?
Of course, part of my life changed thanks to Forex. The most important thing is freedom. I work where I want and when I want. How can somebody not like it? Of course, in the morning I open the terminal in a good mood!

What would you advise traders?
I would advise traders to be persistent, believe in yourself, and calculate carefully to make a clear path!

Best regards,
FIBO Group, Ltd.

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