Umstel Stocks

Perfect for trading with leading American companies` stocks

Use the advantages of CFD trading on stocks

Trade on financial markets with CFDs on IBM, Netflix and other world-famous companies' stocks with a single account. CFDs allow you to benefit from the price changes without any reference asset. You may trade effectively on both falling and rising prices.

Who finds UMSTEL STOCKS interesting?

Umstel type of account suits perfectly the traders who value productivity and want to have direct access to stocks market with no mediators. Umstel platform has been designed specifically to guarantee the best market conditions and ensure maximum transparency of transactions.

Top-7 CFD On Stocks

Symbol Bid Ask Spread
1 Amazon.Com Inc 1684 1684.99 0.99 Sell Buy
2 Apple Inc 153.26 153.37 0.11 Sell Buy
3 Alibaba Group Holding Ltd 151.02 151 0.02 Sell Buy
4 Walt Disney Company 111.45 111.73 0.28 Sell Buy
5 Facebook Inc 149.01 149.5 0.49 Sell Buy
6 Boeing Company 351.6 352.4 0.8 Sell Buy
7 Tesla Motors 345 345.48 0.48 Sell Buy
Full list of instruments Download the whole list in PDF

Advantages of Umstel Stocks accounts

  1. Market Order

    Buy/Sell orders at current market prices. Best price of execution is guaranteed by the platform. Ask price of order is not guaranteed.

  2. Buy Limit Order

    Pending Buy orders at prices lower than the current market ones. Activation conditions: current Ask price shall be equal or lower than the stated order's price. Ask price of order is not guaranteed. Price of execution is equal or better than the stated one.

  3. Buy Stop Order

    Pending Buy orders at a price higher than the current market one. Activation conditions: the Last Price shall be equal or higher than the stated one. Ask price of order is not guaranteed.

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