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  • General conditions for the bonus programs

    General conditions for the bonus programs in FIBO Group

    1. Conditions of participation in the bonus program

      1. The Company determines the duration of the program, the type of bonus account, the rules for calculating the bonus funds credited, and countries whose citizens are eligible to participate in the bonus program.
      2. The participants are all the customers of the FIBO Group Ltd, who have opened a bonus account during the bonus program.
    2. Calculation and assigning of the bonus

      1. The rules for calculating the bonus funds are stated on the bonus program page. The following values can be used for calculations: Bonus Base, Bonus Percentage, as well as other terms and factors, which are determined by the rules of the bonus program. 
      2. Bonus Base is the difference between the total amount of reimbursement of the bonus account and total withdrawal of funds from the bonus account.
        ​Base Bonus = the total funds credited to the account - the total amount of funds withdrawn from the account.
      3. The formula for calculating the Bonus Interest is determined for each particular bonus program.
      4. After the money is deposited, the bonus is credited automatically. If the Customer withdraws funds, the bonus amount is reduced in accordance with the rules for calculations.
    3. Withdrawal of funds

      1. All profits and funds deposited in the bonus account are withdrawn without any restrictions.
      2. Bonus can not be withdrawn.
    4. Restrictions

      1. Bonus funds may not be used when the account is in debit, i.e. the accrued bonus will be deducted from the account when the Equity (current balance including the open positions) on the trading account will be equal to the amount of bonuses accrued. At the same time all open positions will be automatically closed.
    5. Changing the conditions of the bonus program

      1. The company has the right to change the terms and conditions of the bonus program and cancel the current bonus program at any time without prior notice.
      2. Questions about the terms and conditions of the bonus program can be submitted by phone to the employees of the client relations department, via online chat on the company's website in the "Feedback" section, in the Client Cabinet,
        or by e-mail: .

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