cMirror platform shutdown
23 Oct 2020

cMirror platform shutdown

Dear Clients!

Spotware software developer has announced their decision to shutdown the copying platform cMirror. Instead there will be a new platform — cTrader Copy.

Termination process shall be carried out in two steps:

November 15th 2020 — For followers of paid strategies, cMirror will only copy closing trades, no new positions will be copied. Followers of free strategies will see no difference at this time, both opening and closing trades will be copied.

December 13th 2020 — The cMirror service will permanently cease operation. Any copied positions which are still open after this time must be managed by the trader manually.

Spotware shall shortly post an announcement on their website about termination of the service and a possibility to shift to a new and a more convenient platform cTrader Copy.

We’ll also keep you updated and tell you more about the new platform. Stay tuned!

Best regards,
FIBO Group, Ltd.