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FIBO Group promotes activities that increase financial literacy and awareness of internet-trading. We aspire to new knowledge, experience and contacts. It is important for us to enhance the quality of our services for our clients and partners.


  • 6 October 2016 Thursday 14:30

    The outlook for Gold and Oil.

    The outlook for Gold and Oil.

    In this webinar I will be discussing the outlook for The gold and oil price and which events and factors will affect the direction. With all of the uncertainty surrounding Brexit as well as the upcoming presidential election there should be plenty of trading opportunities in these 2 commodities so don’t miss the opportunity to be informed on the important news.

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  • 28 October 2016 11:00
    Sheikh Zayed Road (Financial Centre Metro Station)

    Oil, Gold and the US presidential elections

    The main topic of the seminar will be gold and oil and the connection with the US presidential elections 1 week after the seminar.

    1. What will happen to gold if Trump wins or Clinton wins the US presidential elections

    2. What will happen to oil if Trump or Clinton wins the US presidential elections

    3. The typical volatility of gold and oil surrounding US presidential elections

    4. Opportunities in the US dollar before and after the elections.

  • 15 November 2016 After a month 11:22
    AIM Conference Center Manila (ACCM)

    The comprehensive fundamental analysis of the market for profitable trading

    The seminar will focus on the gold and oil market as well as the AUD/USD currency pair in the aftermath of the US presidential elections which are due to be held on November the 9th. In particular we will talk about how US policy will influence these markets and especially with a trump presidency. A lot of volatility is expected in the market surrounding the elections so we will also discuss how to position yourself in the market for profitable trading.

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